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Are you missing somebody today? Or maybe even every day? This morning, I found myself missing my father-in-law, Frank.


This incredible pencil drawing (thank you, Monica Dix 🤍) of Frank, hangs above our water bubbler. & yes, it is off-center, but he wanted it that way; true story; and so, like that it will stay. 


I am in the presence of this drawing at least a few times per day and it's the times when I choose to stop thinking about the trillion things on my mind and just smile at him, that I feel him smiling back. That fancy white column above my other shoulder was handmade by him, too. Surrounded by his awesome energy. 🤩🙌🏻


This man was full of so much love and talent and sometimes, I don't think about missing him thru the noise of everyday life, but when I give myself the moment to connect with his spirit, I find myself in a state of so much joy & gratitude for having known him. 


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