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More digital art & stories


I shared this collaboration on Instagram--a series of images inspired by recent music from Colony House--and the band shared them with their fans. Later we printed & framed them, & gave them to the songwriter as a gift.

Love is a compass

"Love is a compass" in the Runaway series inspired by the Colony House songs.


This portrait of Bo was given as a gift to friends who put us up when we were in town for a concert.

commissioned portrait

My colorful, detailed digital portrait paintings are also available for printing.

Self portrait

Why use a snapped selfie when you could post a moody, hand-drawn portrait?

Don't Lose Heart Sticker

Sticker inspired by a favorite band--print one or a bunch--great for sharing at shows.

Portrait photo

From iPhone photo...

Profile Pic

Let's make your profile pic stand out.

Portrait drawing hand-drawn digital portrait.

Playlist cover

Share your playlist with me, and I'll make eye-catching art to capture the mood. Starting at $10/month for up to 10 images per month.

mountain sunrise

From iPhone photo...

Franklin sunrise digital painting...

sunrise notecards printed cards to share

Portrait drawing

This portrait drawing in the style of old-school engraving, is actually digital, and can be printed up to 18 x 24 inches.

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