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Woman Painting


Are you still reading this? Believe me, I can hold that philosophical outlook in my mind at the same time that I tell you about being a punk rock girl in art school in the '90s, my fifteen years running a coffeehouse, and living in a small town on the edge of the Everglades. So how did I get here? The move from Ohio (barely paying student loans) to Florida (owning a booming coffeehouse with my husband) is self-explanatory. I made about zero art for the coffeehouse years, unless you count coffee labels and menus. Yeah, that counts.


On a run one day (with two kids in jogging stroller) I had the idea that I might use my Instagram to do a 100-day project. I got some good advice about managing home, kids, and work. Over time, I got better at it. I think anyone can learn to draw/paint/create--it is like a language we all have the capacity to learn...oh hi philosophy you're back! Well, don't get me started, I'll never stop talking! Should I start a podcast? 

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