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Woman Painting


There are glorious moments tucked into the mundane. There is mysterious beauty folded all around us, like a treasure room in the dark. When I look deeply, though, I see light and shadow, moving in real life before me, performing the metaphors we find in great literature, music, and all the art we make.


As an artist who is also a mother of five, my life is full of people, so I’m not alone in noticing these teeming, ordinary glories around me. But it takes some effort to stay connected to the beauty. My daily art practices of sketching, taking photos, writing, and painting, all feed this fertile landscape, watering it down to the bedrock, weaving life into a whole ecology of spirit, body, heart, and eye, telling the story of what it means to be a human, living here, right now. This landscape, since we live in it, can seem flat under the weight of daily life, with its drama, its tragedy and chaos. But it goes on, in truth, unfolding, revealing itself, every moment, and I want to show that landscape to the world.

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